The preach to the birds


This famous event “one of the kindest and holy…that faith and poetry remember” (A. Fortini, Vita Nova of St. Francis). It has inspired universal geniuses, painters and musicians: the most famous piece of the cycle of paintings regarding St. Francis’ life in the Superior Basilica of Assisi.
Also, Benozzo Gozzoli’s expertise has represented the Preach in the church of St. Francis in Montefalco.
“The Chant and the floating of the birds” was poetically celebrated by Hungarian compositor Franz Listz, who asked the Sanit to forgive him for having depleted the original text.

Piandarca is alive evidence of Franciscan fraternity’s origins and valuable heritage of Umbria’s tradition. It has preserved the Franciscan message of harmony with the creation: a universal value that belongs to the entire world.

E passando oltre con quello fervore, levò gli occhi, e vide alquanti arbori allato alla via, in su’ quali era quasi infinita moltitudine di uccelli; di che Santo Francesco si meravigliò e disse ai suoi compagni: Voi m’aspetterete qui nella via, e io andrò a predicare alle mie sirocchie uccelli; e entrò nel campo, e cominciò a predicare…”