The Statue


The artwork’s name is “GO AND FILL THE SKY WITH CHANTS” and the artist’s name is Antonio Luigi De Paoli from Pavia. He won the International Contest “Place of St. Francis’ Preach to the birds”, held by Cannara’s Parish in 2017. The statue will be 180cm high (till head), 70cm large and 80cm wide. Its arms will achieve 205cm hight and 115cm width.

The artist and his idea

Antonio thought of an ecstatic San Francesco that in tiptoe lets two birds fly as if at that moment he would be on the verge of losing gravity and surging from the ground to help the birds fly towards the four cardinal directions. The birds become an element to communicate with God and spread his evangelic message of love to the world. The up-in-the-air arms represent a symbolic hug with creation. The lark on the right hand seems to comprehend the message is ready to fly towards the blue sky. Another bird touches the robe. In the so-called “sirocchie uccelli” Francis saw an example of ease and humbleness for him and his friars

The pose of the statue

The statue will be clung to a proper base that will ensure the security and stability of the artwork.
Moreover, the base will be covered by soil and grass, hence not visible and fully integrated with nature.